UROVAC™ – A Safer, Healthier, and More Cost Effective Method to Manage Urinary Incontinence. 

Based Upon Medical Studies, We Believe That The UROVAC™ System May Also Reduce Urinary Tract Infections.

UROVAC™ is a one of a kind, state of the art appliance which provides people with urinary compromise an alternative method of control. This control restores one’s dignity. It can be used to assist people with functional urinary incontinence. It reduces costs associated with alternative methods of urinary catheterization and control. The UROVAC has many state of the art refinements to enhance its function.  The UROVAC has been stringently tested and approved for use in the United States by Underwriters Laboratory and has successfully completed its requirements as of September 2006. Currently, Medicare has approved for reimbursement the UROVAC’s Urinal and Reservoir.  Since there is presently no device like the UROVAC, our plan is to apply for an Investigational Approval by Medicare. The UROVAC can be be submitted to Medicare or other insurances for reimbursement to the patient under a miscellaneous code, with a letter from one’s physician of the medical necessity and a narrative of our product. The UROVAC has also successfully achieved FDA approval.  UROVAC is an alternative to urinary catheters.  With its hybrid design, UROVAC provides all the benefits and convenience of a catheter without the associated complications.

Final Assembly: Alpha Product